And…..I’ll start tomorrow

Happy Sunday! I just love Sunday’s so much 🙂 I was suppose to start my juice detox today but my excuse was “it’s Sunday” lol so I had a salad from subway, so classy!


Usually Sundays are filled with home cooked meals but the parental’s decided to “ditch” us today, so we had to fend for ourselves. It was between chipotle and subway, I got a funny look from my sisters when I asked if it would be weird to get a burrito bowl without rice so I opted for a simple salad from subway, then when I got home I had this little creation


I have a slight love affair with raisins. Am I alone?

After lunch digested a bit, my sisters and I decided to “run”


Ya it definitely did not go as planned, for one, food was not fully digested and then it started to rain. But at least we got a nice walk in, I was still sore from earlier this week so it probably did me some good.

On another note…I came across this today and reminded me of my study in Ecclesiastes that I’m currently doing on the meaning of life…

I’ll touch upon this in another post, off to watch GCB which starts at 9:01, 01 not 00. Odd. Still haven’t formed an opinion on how I feel about this show, I sometimes feel offended but it hits home because theres a lot of truth in it, as far as today’s Christians, maybe not as extreme but along the same lines. Hopefully I’ll last through the show since it’s a bit past my bedtime and I have an early morning tomorrow, going to a Windy City Live show taping with the sista, should be interesting hopefully there will be a giveaway!

How do you feel about raisins?

Do you prefer working out alone or with company?

Watching any good shows this season?


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