A little THIS THAT

Yesterday was a fun day, my sister and I went to a Windy City live taping (I think it only airs in Chicago)



Out of 65 people my sister’s name was drawn, she won a book on preservation, early mothers day gift? Lol

Winning is fun! It brought me back to the times I’ve won different things, you would think as you get older the excitement would die…nope not for me! But anyway, yesterday was day one of my juice detox, I had some juice from Jamba (I made sure no added sugars)

Then I made a ginger, beet, celery, and carrots concoction. Yum. It could have used an apple or two though.

Afterwards I headed off to Starbucks to do some hw with a friend, where I had a passionfruit tea (they need more variety) I had to fight the urge to get a latte, I only recently started drinking coffee and I’m HOOKED. I use to be such a tea person, don’t get me wrong I still love tea but there’s something about the smell and warmth of coffee in my hand….it releases serotonin? I just made that up, but who knows.

After freezing my tail off in Starbucks I had to warm up so my friend and I decided to go for a jog/walk, the sun decided to show up so I instantly warmed up, I mainly walked and did some lunges, I was planning on going to kickboxing at 8pm but I fell asleep at 7:30pm!!! I sure am rested. Ready to take on this day, I have a final and presentation and then one more online final and my spring break can finally start. Have a great day everyone!

Are you a coffee or tea person?

Have you ever been to a show taping?


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