Day 3 is complete. It went by so quickly. I was famished this morning, 3 days is perfect, although I might attempt to do a 7 day one soon, we shall see.

Yesterday was such a busy day, I felt as if I was running around all day. Which was probably a good thing otherwise I would have been thinking about food all day, it definitely helps to stay busy when going through a detox of some sort. After reading some blogs I got some ideas for the rest of this weeks eats—-grocery shopping! One of my favorite things to do

After grocery shopping I rushed to a burst class, which are being held at a chiropractor’s office(he also did the juicing workshop at whole foods the day before) for FREE every week! It’s basically 5 or 6 exercises for 20secs, 3 sets of each. It’s basically a 12 min workout! I definitely need more than 12mins so this will be added to my workouts just to add some variety, it’s about a 5min drive. After that mini workout I took a nice long walk with a friend, much needed! I barely worked out during this detox, but I’m not complaining, it’s been a nice break, but I’m back in full gear 🙂

After a long day I cracked these two open

On a coconut kick these days!

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I’m finally on spring break (still have to do an online final, but I’m almost there!)

Have a great day, make someone smile today.