Popcorn Mishap


Is it just me or did this week just fly by? I’m looking forward to this weekend, get to play tourist in the city (I have a friend visiting from out of the country). Yesterday was my first day back to “normal” eating, boy was I excited! I’m a big snacker so when I came across this little guy (the seasoning) I jumped on it

It’s buffalo popcorn seasoning! But let me tell ya I was greatly disappointed, every time i went to shove the popcorn in my mouth I would start coughing as if I was choking, well basically I did choke, the powder was just so overpowering! So I just had to exchange it to this

Love love love and the best thing? Zero cals!

When I first started my health journey I steered clear of popcorn thinking it wasn’t a healthy snack, but that’s if you get the packaged kind, I usually make my popcorn on the stove or in microwave in a brown bag and add either cinnamon or salt but I’m glad I can now switch it up. Archer farms also has a salt and vinegar one which I will definitely buy in the near future.

According to USA Today popcorn is rich in polyphenols- antioxidants that prevent damage to cells and of course it’s a whole grain!

I’m SOLD! 🙂

Do you eat popcorn?

What’s your favorite seasoning?

How do you make your popcorn?