Rekindled love.

Hola! I love experimenting with food so I thought I would try something new.


I use to be obsessed with sweet potatoes to the point I even stared a blog called “sweet-potato love” (didn’t keep up with it). But I just ended up getting bored of them, so I thought I would mix it up a bit. For lunch yesterday I had half a sweet potato with cinnamon, salt and unsweetened apple sauce.

Oh my gosh, SO good. My mom had the other half with parmesan cheese, odd duo but also very tasty. I’ll definitely be adding them back in my diet. And I’ve been seeing sweet potato fries on a lot of blogs lately, I have a hankering for some!

Well I’m off to get a good workout in before spending the day in the citttaaay ! Have a lovely day!

How do you eat your sweet potato?


6 thoughts on “Rekindled love.

      • Yes yes you must! It’s seriously so good! In salad dressings too! I also use it as an eye make-up remover… But for cooking I recommend the virgin or extra virgin unrefined coconut oil (it’s a bit pricier- but healthier and tastier!) Organic is always a plus as well…. I swear, all my student budget goes towards food- it’s redonculous… (at least it’s a justifiable expense…hopefully)

      • Girl I feel ya! It’s totally justifiable 🙂 love it as an eye make-up remover, now the question is, do I buy a new jar to try as a salad dressing or use my “cosmetic” one hahah totallllly kiddding

  1. i forgot about sweet potatoes. i’ve added them to blended veggie soups and they make the soup extra rich and smooth. and yes. go for that coconut oil! it’s the best.

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