“Eated Out”

Yes I totally made up that word.
I’ve been eating out so much since my friend came into town and I got to say, I am sick of it! But I did have some yummy salads.

The first one is a Greek salad from Giordano’s(had anchovies for the first time, disgusting!) and the second is a goat cheese and beets salad with balsamic vinegar, one my all-time favorites! Rewind a bit, before dinner today we played dress up! We had too much fun



It’s been a great extended weekend! We spent all day downtown yesterday, beautiful weather!


But I’m ready to get back to my routine!! Especially my sleeping and workout schedule.

How many times a month do you eat out?


4 thoughts on ““Eated Out”

  1. i want those salads! i hate the feeling i get from eating out too much..even if i make healthy choices. i only eat out a few times a month, usually at my neighborhood salad bar..however, my work provides food and the choices i make there are usually not as healthy. but i definitely prefer drinking socially more than eating socially.. (not overdoing it of course!) and do that far more often.

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