Breath of fresh air


Summer is almost here!! It’s so hard to believe it’s almost May, these months have flown by. I got back to my healthy ways early January, after picking up bad habits for 7 months! It’s been a difficult journey, I was at my “happy weight” for two years and now I’m back to square one. But like Joyce Meyer always says “you may not be where you wanna be, but at least your not where you use to be”. Truth. I’ve come a long way, ya I eat meat now and sugar but thinking back I may have been a bit extreme, ya it definitely worked for me but it could have also been the reason I got sick, I guess we’ll never know for sure. I haven’t really been losing weight, although I’ve been eating much better and exercising at least 5 times a week, sometimes even fitting two workouts in a day. But I’m really starting to crack down on my “diet”, my goal is to lose 5 pounds by the end of May, and with this I’m challenging myself with a few different things which I will talk about on the first of May. I’ll be juicing for another 3 days, I feel SO good when I juice, I surprisingly have so much energy. I came across this yesterday

I’ll be most likely following this plan and along with spring cleaning internally, I’ll be spring cleaning externally. Before I got sick I was one of the most tidiest and organized person, everything had it’s place. I don’t like blaming things on my sickness but it’s hard not to because it threw my life in disarray, but little by little getting back to my old self. I’ve been laughing more and just enjoying simplicity.
Yesterday was such a relaxing day:

Got a mani/pedi

Spent some time at Lake Katherine. So beautiful.

And this got me so excited. I absolutely love watermelon. My friend and I devoured a whole watermelon before, no lie. Yes we were at the el baño all night! Haha

And this came in the mail!!

Started it yesterday, so far so good!

Off to kickboxing class! Have a great day.

Any weight-loss or maintenance goals?

Are you organized? If so, what helps you stay that way?