Sunday Funday


Happy Sunday! My weekend was a little ehh, nothing too fun going on, Friday night I worked and saturday I went to coffee(tea for me) with a old high school friend followed by my sisters prom pictures, she looked gorgeous, she had one of the prettiest dresses

Then headed to work for a few hrs.

My three day juicing turned into two days of fruits and veggies, had to cut it to two days because we went out to eat for dad’s birthday today. We went to olive garden where I had

Confession time: I brought my own dressing

Everyone had a good laugh.

Well I’m going to get a workout in and hopefully finish my book, that’s due today, whoops. Spring break is officially over after tomorrow, booo. Went by so fast, but it was a lot of fun!

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂

Would you ever bring your own dressing?