May Challenges

I love the beginning of new months, setting challenges and trying to attain them throughout the month. Here are some May challenges

1. My sister and I have decided to go vegan for the month…goooodbye yogurt 😦 and no processed sugar or coffee

2. 64 ounces of water a day

3. 1,200 cals a day (trying to lose like 7 pounds- realistically)

4. No more than 400 cals before noon

5. A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar a day( great for your skin, digestion, and metabolism).

6. Take Fish Oils and B-12 daily

7. Try a new class this month- I’m in a exercise rut

8. Read a Proverb a day

I’ll be posting my eats every night for the month of May, it’ll be a good way to keep me accountable.

Any May challenges?


9 thoughts on “May Challenges

  1. I am trying to lose 4 pounds that I pun on during our honeymoon so I am watching my eats closely!! Also, because of my religious I go vegan 80 days a year so I am sure you will be fine, it is a nice way to detox your body!!!

  2. ambitious goals! I’m glad you have your sister to do it with you. one of my main goals is to add some real workouts to my routine. i do pilates at home..but i need some structure/accountability. (trying to lose that last 10!) i also need to reintroduce ACV daily. thanks for the reminder i forgot about it!

    • Do you drink acv straight? I just can’t stomach it anymore, a few years ago I drank a shot of it every day for 6 months until i gaged one day and called it quits. I now mix a packet of stevia in, so much better!

      • i heard that drinking it straight is bad for your digestive system, so i usually just put a few tbs in half a cup of water and guzzle it down. adding some sweetness is a good idea.

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