Starting off on the right foot


These posts might get a bit annoying, but I feel it’s the best way to keep me accountable this month.

I started my morning off with oatmeal in which I added 2 small apples and some raisins

I munched on a wheat-berry salad while I made my raw Spanish rice and then had half of that mixed bean salad with hot sauce followed by an apple

Some snacks I had were baby carrots, almond milk and another apple

For dinner I had some polenta with dijon mustard and cooked red peppers

I didn’t get the chance to fit in a workout because I was busy with hw and catching up on some shows, good excuse right? I think I fought with myself back and forth for about 2 hrs about whether or not to go to the gym, I’m such a morning person and that’s the best time for me to go to the gym or afternoon the latest.

When do you usually work out?