I’ve been MIA since Thursday, whoops! Don’t really have an excuse. These last few days I have felt so derailed, I’m still on this vegan challenge but sugar has got the best of me… I went without processed sugar for two years is beyond me! Those darn sugary cereals my mom buys, i’ve stayed away from
them for so long but every so often I can’t help myself, like these last few days!! When I give in I feel so defeated and guilty, I hate the feeling, I mean is a moment on the lips really worth a lifetime on the hips? I think NOT! So time to get back on track, i’ve decided to not post daily eats anymore, its just too boring! But I will give a rundown every once in a while. For breakfast I had oats with almond milk and frozen berries and lunch today was a little interesting, I had tofu lettuce wraps (ask me for recipe if interested), I think I over-baked the tofu a bit, but I didn’t mind the crunchiness that came out, I paired it with some broccoli salad. Delish! I’m already feeling back in line 🙂

Very simple recipe

1 pound broccoli
1 cup chopped red onions
2 teaspoons of dijon mustard
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1/4 cup of olive oil
1/4 cup parsley (I suggest fresh)


Trim broccoli and cut into bite-size pieces enough to make 4 to 5 cups

Bring enough water to boil to cover broccoli. Let broccoli cook 3 to 5 mins, until crisp-tender; drain. Put drained broccoli in salad bowl; sprinkle with chopped onion

Meanwhile, put mustard in mixing bowl and add lemon juice, whisking rapidly. Add oil while whisking. Add salt to taste, then the parsley. Spoon dressing over broccoli. Serve broccoli salad hot, lukewarm or cold. Serves 4

Got an early morning workout in

Have a great day everyone!

What do you do when you get a bit derailed from your health goals?

Can low protein intake have something to do with sugar cravings?