Remember me?


What has it been, like 10 or 11 days since my last post?? Whooops, i want to be more consistent and usually it would really bother me but I’ve decided to just let it go over my head. I’ve been really busy as of late, so much on mind and I just haven’t made blogging a priority, I would like it to be but I guess I just need to set time aside each day, it’s definitely much easier to set aside time each morning (I’m most alert then) then to go a few days without posting bc it just overcomplicates things, and that’s the last thing I need right now. So i’m going to pretend I’ve been posting every day and just continue on my merry way 🙂 so what have I been up to? Well first and foremost, I ended my vegan challenge early, this past Thursday to be exact, I just wasn’t feeling my best and craving sugar all day every day. Usually I would feel as if I “failed” but I’m glad I listened to my body, usually I would continue on regardless of how I feel, but I’ve had bad experiences in the past and would like to keep away from them as much as possible. I broke my challenge with home made chicken salad, one my favorites! Sorry I don’t have a picture. It’s basically shredded chicken, plain yogurt, sunflower seeds and craisins…nom nom. Surprisingly enough I didn’t get an upset stomach, I usually do whenever I take a break from meat, guess my body really needed it. I’m hoping the sugar cravings will go away, speaking of which, i’ve been having sugary cereals again….cinnabon anyone? I’m not going to beat myself up though, lunch and dinner has been pretty good and I haven’t been snacking as much, something I was really trying to get away from, it could be worse. But now that yogurt is back in my life, breakfast should take a turn for the better. As for my other may challenges, FAIL….but it’s ok, I’m at least drinking more water and taking my vitamins, I need to be better about ACV but it’s such a chore to take, I’m thinking to get the capsule form, hopefully it will be just as beneficial?

We shall see.

Anyway we’ve been having beautiful weather, yesterday a few friends and I hung out in downtown lagrange, a really cute area and dined at Prasino, a organic, sustainable restaurant. Delish. I wasn’t too hungry so i just went for chilled beets with goat cheese, I’m going to recreate it at home this week, very simple. Basically beets, goat-cheese, candied pecans, basil, drizzled with balsamic vinegarette. Sorry I don’t have a picture, we dined outside and my phone doesn’t have a flash. Afterwards we went next door where I had pomegranate and peanut butter frozen yogurt, yaa not a good combo, I usually pick just one but I was feeling adventurous and my friends were really going at it. I topped it off with mochi and mango bursting boba, anyone ever try boba? It’s a bit like tapioca pearls, wait it may even be a variation of tapioca…ah don’t feel like researching it right now! Lol but ya it was a very relaxed night, definitely feeling like summer.

High 87 today! Woohoo time to get some color, but I need to first buy some sunscreen, I’ve been getting microdermbrasions every 3 weeks and it’s crucial I protect my skin or I’ll be undoing all the work. I can count on one hand (ok two hands) how many times I’ve worn sunscreen, so this is a new concept for me haha yes I’m 21 and have premature wrinkles (use to lay out and use tanning beds like it was my job) So I’m looking for an all natural, non-greasy sunscreen!

Off to whole foods I go!

Favorite frozen yogurt topping?

Do you wear sunscreen?

Anyone know a good, natural, sun screen?

Have a lovely day everyone 🙂