Hit By A Bus

I had a great, long weekend that’s still not officialIy over. I have a friend from out of the country staying with me for a few days, so I’ve been busy entertaining him.


Lady’s man!

He got in late Friday night so I ended up just staying in Friday night and watching Maid in Manhattan(don’t ask) with my sister. Come Saturday, it was much too cold to go into the city so we decided to go to Naperville and have a late lunch with my sistas and some friends. Ok so definitely learned a few lessons…don’t customize your salad or you’ll end up with this

I could have basically made this at home! (the dressing was good though, balsamic reduction! First time I ever had it, it’s basically slow cooked on the stove top) But it’s totally my fault, I’ll know better next time. My friend ordered an eggplant salad that I was initially was going to get, he kindly shared some with me…SO good, definitely going to get that next time


We dined for quite some time, basically until they started mean bugging(yes I just used that word) us.



Afterwards we took a nice walk along the Riverwalk


And here comes lesson number 2


Coffee at 5pm! Stay tuned…

We all headed to my house to hang out and watch a movie. By the time everyone left it was already 1am, I thought I would I crash..boy was I wrong, I tossed and turned for four hrs before remembering I had coffee at 5pm!! I forgot to make it decaf! The worst feeling ever…mind you I’m usually in bed by 9:30 on the weekdays and 12 the latest on the weekend, well depending on what I’m doing.

Oh and did I mention I had a cup in the morning

The cup is ginormous, the photo doesn’t do it justice, I’ll have to take a pic of it next to a “regular” cup one day.

One good thing did come out of that sleepless, concert search! So many coming up this summer, can’t wait. So after hrs of listening to music and googling I finally fell asleep, only having to wake up two hrs later for church, I “felt” rested. After church we went out for sushi

I had the first two maki’s on the left and cups of yummy green tea. It hit the spot. But my friend didn’t think so, I wish I would have videotaped his reaction. Priceless. Poor guy. I have to remind myself that not everyone shares my taste-buds.

By the time we got home it was practically time to go to church again (yes I go to church twice a day) so off to church we went and out to eat we went AGAIN, this time I didn’t customize my salad.


We chatted for a bit and by the time it was time to disperse, I felt as if a bus hit me. So drained, so instead of continuing the night at my friends house I let my friend have all the fun and I headed home. So not like me, but my sleep is so precious to me. I’m
currently running on 6 hrs of sleep (my body wakes me up at 6-6:45 every morning) and I definitely don’t feel my best, I mean I’m use to getting at least 8 hrs of sleep, but this breakfast fueled me just right

Vanilla yogurt, kashi go lean cereal, raisins and dates. One word. Yum. I’m going to try to get a nap in today, tonight will be another long night!

How’s your sleeping schedule?

Coffee mishaps?


Rekindled love.

Hola! I love experimenting with food so I thought I would try something new.


I use to be obsessed with sweet potatoes to the point I even stared a blog called “sweet-potato love” (didn’t keep up with it). But I just ended up getting bored of them, so I thought I would mix it up a bit. For lunch yesterday I had half a sweet potato with cinnamon, salt and unsweetened apple sauce.

Oh my gosh, SO good. My mom had the other half with parmesan cheese, odd duo but also very tasty. I’ll definitely be adding them back in my diet. And I’ve been seeing sweet potato fries on a lot of blogs lately, I have a hankering for some!

Well I’m off to get a good workout in before spending the day in the citttaaay ! Have a lovely day!

How do you eat your sweet potato?

Popcorn Mishap

Is it just me or did this week just fly by? I’m looking forward to this weekend, get to play tourist in the city (I have a friend visiting from out of the country). Yesterday was my first day back to “normal” eating, boy was I excited! I’m a big snacker so when I came across this little guy (the seasoning) I jumped on it

It’s buffalo popcorn seasoning! But let me tell ya I was greatly disappointed, every time i went to shove the popcorn in my mouth I would start coughing as if I was choking, well basically I did choke, the powder was just so overpowering! So I just had to exchange it to this

Love love love and the best thing? Zero cals!

When I first started my health journey I steered clear of popcorn thinking it wasn’t a healthy snack, but that’s if you get the packaged kind, I usually make my popcorn on the stove or in microwave in a brown bag and add either cinnamon or salt but I’m glad I can now switch it up. Archer farms also has a salt and vinegar one which I will definitely buy in the near future.

According to USA Today popcorn is rich in polyphenols- antioxidants that prevent damage to cells and of course it’s a whole grain!

I’m SOLD! 🙂

Do you eat popcorn?

What’s your favorite seasoning?

How do you make your popcorn?


Day 3 is complete. It went by so quickly. I was famished this morning, 3 days is perfect, although I might attempt to do a 7 day one soon, we shall see.

Yesterday was such a busy day, I felt as if I was running around all day. Which was probably a good thing otherwise I would have been thinking about food all day, it definitely helps to stay busy when going through a detox of some sort. After reading some blogs I got some ideas for the rest of this weeks eats—-grocery shopping! One of my favorite things to do


After grocery shopping I rushed to a burst class, which are being held at a chiropractor’s office(he also did the juicing workshop at whole foods the day before) for FREE every week! It’s basically 5 or 6 exercises for 20secs, 3 sets of each. It’s basically a 12 min workout! I definitely need more than 12mins so this will be added to my workouts just to add some variety, it’s about a 5min drive. After that mini workout I took a nice long walk with a friend, much needed! I barely worked out during this detox, but I’m not complaining, it’s been a nice break, but I’m back in full gear 🙂

After a long day I cracked these two open


On a coconut kick these days!

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I’m finally on spring break (still have to do an online final, but I’m almost there!)

Have a great day, make someone smile today.


Get those GREENS

Yesterday was day 2 of my 3 day mini juice detox. I had a concoction of
kale, ginger, apple, beet, and baby carrots and half an avocado (whoops) upon waking up. By far one of my favorites, who would have thought kale would be so tasty? Love.


I had class today for a bit and had a class presentation to prepare for where I was surrounded by chocolate (chocolate=perfect score!) and came across this little wrapper that made me laugh

Ah if only it was that simple. Life.

I got home from school around 5pm and was famished so I had the same 8 ounce concoction from that morning, with two cups of lemon tea, my go-to tea this week!


Had some time to kill so I started a new book by Karen Kingsbury from her Bailey Flannigan series, called Loving it’s the last one in the series 😦 I’ve become so attached to these characters, but all good things must come to an end, sooner or later. After some reading I headed off to a juicing “workshop” at whole foods, had some yummy samples and was really encouraged by the presenter who is a chiropractic doctor, loved his passion and enthusiasm! I also scored a complimentary health evaluation at his office today, really looking forward to it.

On my way out grabbed one of these, I absolutely love coconut, the taste reminded me of Kombucha tea, definitely not as strong but close


Off to get a facial! And hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a work out 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

A little THIS THAT

Yesterday was a fun day, my sister and I went to a Windy City live taping (I think it only airs in Chicago)



Out of 65 people my sister’s name was drawn, she won a book on preservation, early mothers day gift? Lol

Winning is fun! It brought me back to the times I’ve won different things, you would think as you get older the excitement would die…nope not for me! But anyway, yesterday was day one of my juice detox, I had some juice from Jamba (I made sure no added sugars)

Then I made a ginger, beet, celery, and carrots concoction. Yum. It could have used an apple or two though.

Afterwards I headed off to Starbucks to do some hw with a friend, where I had a passionfruit tea (they need more variety) I had to fight the urge to get a latte, I only recently started drinking coffee and I’m HOOKED. I use to be such a tea person, don’t get me wrong I still love tea but there’s something about the smell and warmth of coffee in my hand….it releases serotonin? I just made that up, but who knows.

After freezing my tail off in Starbucks I had to warm up so my friend and I decided to go for a jog/walk, the sun decided to show up so I instantly warmed up, I mainly walked and did some lunges, I was planning on going to kickboxing at 8pm but I fell asleep at 7:30pm!!! I sure am rested. Ready to take on this day, I have a final and presentation and then one more online final and my spring break can finally start. Have a great day everyone!

Are you a coffee or tea person?

Have you ever been to a show taping?

And…..I’ll start tomorrow

Happy Sunday! I just love Sunday’s so much 🙂 I was suppose to start my juice detox today but my excuse was “it’s Sunday” lol so I had a salad from subway, so classy!


Usually Sundays are filled with home cooked meals but the parental’s decided to “ditch” us today, so we had to fend for ourselves. It was between chipotle and subway, I got a funny look from my sisters when I asked if it would be weird to get a burrito bowl without rice so I opted for a simple salad from subway, then when I got home I had this little creation


I have a slight love affair with raisins. Am I alone?

After lunch digested a bit, my sisters and I decided to “run”


Ya it definitely did not go as planned, for one, food was not fully digested and then it started to rain. But at least we got a nice walk in, I was still sore from earlier this week so it probably did me some good.

On another note…I came across this today and reminded me of my study in Ecclesiastes that I’m currently doing on the meaning of life…

I’ll touch upon this in another post, off to watch GCB which starts at 9:01, 01 not 00. Odd. Still haven’t formed an opinion on how I feel about this show, I sometimes feel offended but it hits home because theres a lot of truth in it, as far as today’s Christians, maybe not as extreme but along the same lines. Hopefully I’ll last through the show since it’s a bit past my bedtime and I have an early morning tomorrow, going to a Windy City Live show taping with the sista, should be interesting hopefully there will be a giveaway!

How do you feel about raisins?

Do you prefer working out alone or with company?

Watching any good shows this season?

Some din din

For dinner today I made some raw Spanish rice, omgsh SO good, I’ve seen this recipe on quite a few blogs so I bet it usually is a hit. It was my first time using butternut squash, and I will most definitely be using this vegetable again.


Even my little sister enjoyed it, although she said it needed some mustard…weird, no comment. Now I just have to get the final say from my mother, she’s a little hard to please, but regardless I’ll be making this again 🙂 I had some tomatoey meatballs alongside it, kind of a strange duo but I liked it! Love trying to new recipes.

Anyone have any other butternut squash recipes?

To Juice or not to Juice..

Spring is in the air!

Perfect time for some spring cleaning, internally. There are chock full of benefits to juicing; better digestion, immunity, and greatly improves allergies, improved skin conditions such as acne, dryness, eczema, etc. and the list could go on and on. I watched a documentary a few months ago that I should probably revisit for some encouragement, it’s called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, it’s about a man that challenges himself to juice for a few months and along the way he introduces people to juicing, check it out! Netflix or your local library should have it.


So what’s all this talk about? Well, I want to juice for the next three days, my only concern is energy, I work out at least 5X a week and I don’t want to have to skip my workouts, although juicing actually energizes it’s low in calories, but I guess I’ll just have to give it a go and see how I feel.


Has anyone done a juice detox before? Were you able to workout at all? What are some of your favorite combinations?